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January 13, 2005



I have to say that I am very glad that I did not attend FSU and honestly, never even looked into it because outside of Florida, FSU is known as a party school. I am surprised that even 2 nobel laureates came from your school. Even your sports programs are in a huge decline. Can anyone say Gators? To set the record straight, I am from the midwest with no affiliation with Florida but am pretty amused at how blatantly naive, pretentious, and pompous FSU's faculty seem to be. They make a huge fuss over something that they deem "psuedomedicine" when over the years, the benefits of chiropractics has been very well documented and accepted by the government, the public, and the medical community. Like someone once told me, chiropractors never accidentally cut off the wrong limb or left their instruments inside of someone. How about all the unnecessay procedures and tests traditional medicine requires in order to boost revenues and profits? FSU's academic integrity will not be measured based on incorporation of a chiropractor school. Instead, the extreme measures that the FSU faculty is taking that border almost on desperation and fear will hurt FSU in the long run because as time has shown us, chiropractic techniques are beneficial. FSU faculty, you remind me of all those "scientists" who claimed that the world was flat or those that forced Galileo into submission. Shame on you!


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Hya everybody!

Im new to this forum. I look forward to learning a lot. Its going to be a blast!


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